Equipping Your Company
With Insights To Protect
Your Systems and Information

A company grows when it’s equipped with reliable and secure technology. We assess your company’s goals, technology, and documentation to uncover dependable resources to help you grow. As expert advisors, we ensure the integrity of your business and your client’s information.

Need to Know Where Your Systems Stand?

Maximize Security & Productivity With Technology


A professional assessment of your current situation allows Blue Meteor IT to develop recommendations for your needs and goals.


Understand where you stand with an analysis for your IT Security, control procedures, and policies against industry standards.


Get a clear plan on next steps, standardized management, and implementation of solutions.

What Exactly Is a vCISO?

A virtual CISO is an outsourced IT Security Expert or team who gives advise to an organization on an ongoing or on-demand basis. This is usually on a remote basis, although on-site working sessions can be scheduled. They can assist during an overall security strategy, leading working sessions, and collaborating with your teams, presenting to the board, upper management, or key stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance

Rules and laws of shared standards are extensive. Oftentimes, they’re also difficult to decipher. Blue Meteor IT leans on its extensive experience helping businesses meet compliance, so you never have to doubt if you’re maintaining best practices. Or risk experiencing costly downtime.


You and your client’s information are critical to your business operations. But if the integrity of your networks is compromised, you might not learn about a data breach until it’s too late. Avoid the loss of sensitive information, as well as fines, with a professional assessment of your cyber security and data governance models.

Regular Analysis & Security Reports

We conduct an analysis on your security to guarantee you’re protected. With this report, we’ll make sure your systems are patching correctly and passwords are changing on schedule. This is all to maintain safe and best IT practices.

Threat Modeling

Are you aware of potential vulnerabilities in your network security? Blue Meteor IT locates the tiniest points of weakness or risks to your company’s data. Then we mitigate through proactive safeguarding.

Documentation For Incident Response

Do you have an incident response plan ready? When it comes to data breaches or cyber attacks, the best course of action is to always be prepared. Choosing to be proactive helps you resolve the issue seamlessly without any panic or confusion. Minimize your monetary, credibility, and operating losses.

What If I Already Work With
An IT Company?

That’s great! However, it’s important to consider not all
MSPs analyze your cyber integrity, understand the complete scope of shared standards, or work with your leaderthip in their language. An MSP, first and foremost, focuses on managing and
executing IT services – not necessarily diving deeper into securing your business and data as a whole.

Blue Meteor IT works directly with MSPs to be the translator between your company, business units, and IT
professionals. As a third-party IT consulting company, our unbiased advice comes from industry experience and keeps your company’s goals as our top priority.

Is Your Company Currently As Secure As It Could Be?

One you start the assessment process with Blue Meteor IT, we’ll work with your teams to meet IT Security best practices and compliance regulations. With our informed analysis of your business, standardized IT management, and security policies, we’ll create a plan that ensures your needs are met. Rest easy knowing the solutions actually serve your business goals.

Why Blue Meteor IT?

In a world full of selfish sales people, you deserve
unbiased advice on the most important decisions your
company makes every day. Our consulting approach
comes from over 30 years supporting start-ups,
healthcare companies, educational institutions, and
many other businesses that excel regardless of field or

Connecting the dots between IT Security and MSPs
starts with a vCISO who understands your frustrations and delivers reliable advice.

Having Blue Meteor IT on your side isn’t like having light
at the end of the tunnel. It’s like having a light inside of
the tunnel. We don’t wait until you’re at the end to show
you the way.

Let’s create the path together!

Becoming More Secure Is One Assessment Away

An assessment call will be the first step on the path to achieving your IT Security goals. Efficiently running your business and avoiding security issues is a short conversation away.