88% of Board of Directors (BoDs) View Cybersecurity as a Business Risk, as Opposed to a Technology Risk

However, only 12% of BoDs have a dedicated board-level cybersecurity committee member. 

Blue Meteor IT converts the complexity of IT Security to Business Language.

We combine our extensive professional experience with expert industry know-how to conduct an assessment of your security, analyze the findings using modern standards, and advise you on becoming more secure in your language.

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Protect Your Business, Clients, & Data With Our Simple
3 Step Strategy


We take a thorough look at your current network security systems, needs, and business goals to develop a plan that gets to the root of your challenges. 1


Using industry standards, we analyze your situation to ensure we’re making the best decisions for your company.2


We drive maturity through vision, strategy, and collaboration.
We provide you with recommendations that come from our 30+ years of experience in the industry to keep your business operating seamlessly. 3

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IT Security Requires A Translator

IT Security is not always easy to read or understand. You’re left uncertain if you’re systems are secure, if your policies go into enough detail, and you’re employees are understanding their role in IT Security. 

To make matters worse, your IT professional may be speaking what seems like a totally different language.

It can be maddening.

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) can help.

Be Confident In Your Company’s Cyber Security

Working with a vCISO brings a breadth of experience in various industries and business models. Following the industry daily, they stay on top of cybersecurity threats and building mitigation strategies.

Is Your Company Data on Remote Devices?

Everyone works remotely these days. Whether it is replying to email, working on drafts, or researching data.

Every where your company’s data resides can be a security risk and compliance issue.

Oftentimes, data breaches are unnoticeable until consequences arise.

Blue Meteor IT: Your IT vCISO

With over 3 decades of technology experience, we’re proud to advise business owners on the best ways to protect their information as well as their clients.

Blue Meteor IT consults with your businesses leaders as a visionary and strategist to mature your IT Security.

Don’t Know If You Need a vCISO or In-House CISO?

Blue Meteor IT will help you decide on outsourcing with a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) or Hiring a CISO.


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