Support Your Security and Compliance Goals With Sound Technical Judgment

Blue Meteor IT converts the complexity of data governance and regulatory compliance into a simple process: Assess, Analyze, Advise. We combine our extensive professional experience with expert industry know-how to conduct a technical assessment of your business security, analyze the findings using modern standards, and advise you on how to maintain compliance.

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Protect Your Business, Clients, & Data With Our Simple
3 Step Strategy


We take a thorough look at your current network security systems, needs, and business goals to develop a plan that gets to the root of your challenges. 1


Using industry standards, we analyze your situation to ensure we’re making the best decisions for your company.2


Our goal is to help establish your data governance models and guarantee HIPAA, FINRA, PCI, and other shared standards are compliant.
We provide you with recommendations that come from our 30+ years of experience in the industry to keep your business operating seamlessly. 3

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Regulatory Compliance Requires A Translator

FINRA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, or GDPR… These compliance standards dictate what you can and can’t do; however, they don’t always make it easy to read or understand. You’re left uncertain of if you’re in compliance or not. To make matters worse, your IT professional may be speaking what seems like a totally different language.

You’re left in the dark.

BMIT approaches technical challenges and compliance by analyzing your business goals, developing a thorough assessment of your current network security systems, and then recommending your next steps.

Eliminate downtime and costly errors so you can move forward and focus on your business’ success.

Be Confident In Your Company’s Cyber Security, Compliance Measures, & Data Governance

Keeping all compliance regulations straight is a complex process with a lot of jargon to navigate. And if you fail to meet each requirement, you could face fines, downtime, or even worse repercussions.

Blue Meteor IT equips you with the strategy to confidently know you’re meeting every requirement.

Need Help Organizing
Your Data?

As your company grows, so does the volume of sensitive information on your servers. Eventually, all your data becomes disorganized.

When this happens, compliance is harder to maintain, productivity suffers, and theft can occur. Oftentimes, data breaches are unnoticeable until consequences arise.

And if you’re in an industry like healthcare, education, or finance, your client information is vital to operations.

Not to mention, you’re required to maintain certain data for a specific period of time, delete emails, and change passwords regularly.

We can help you understand what is required for proper data governance and help you organize all the digital clutter.

Blue Meteor IT: Your IT

With over thirty years of industry experience, we’re proud to advise business owners on the best ways to protect their information as well as their clients, while meeting compliance regulations.

Blue Meteor IT consults with businesses to assess, analyze, advise, and implement lasting IT solutions that meet compliance requirements so that the business can run efficiently and effectively.

Don’t Know If Your Company Is Compliant And Protected?

Blue Meteor IT will help you decide on innovative, standardized management IT solutions to support your goals all while remaining compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and other shared standards.


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