Blue Meteor IT Consulting Group

For many businesses, IT resources are inadequate or even non-existent.

We are here to help.

What We Do

We work with companies advancing technology and processes by:

  • Recommending products and services
  • Customizing products for your environment
  • Building custom solutions
  • Managing projects and deployments
  • Giving you a single point of contact

We aren’t driven by sales goals.

Instead, we focus on recommending and implementing solutions based on sound technical judgement.

Work smarter, not harder. We can help you get there.

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  • Downtime. Is the system down again? Call us to assist. We are experienced in triaging business-critical issues to stabilize an environment, improve service uptime, and roll out new services and processes for day-to-day operations.
  • Make a presence. Many small companies start by using free services like yahoo or gmail. We can help you finally make that corporate presence using a custom domain, e-mail, and website.
  • Integrate systems.  Do you find yourself entering the same data in more than one system? Wouldn’t it be great if you enter data once and systems would talk to each other? We work to integrate systems, making common data is available to reduce redundant tasks.
  • Focus on business.  We build workflows to automate tasks allowing you to focus on the important stuff, your business.